Tips on Using Instagram to Promote Your Internet Business

Instagram, the most popular and powerful mobile application, lets you share videos, photos and many such things publicly and privately. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom was the founder of Instagram and who knew it would become so popular. Its users are increasing day by day and now it is being employed as the chief tool to promote internet businesses. If done correctly, you are sure to drive more sales by generating sales leads. You gain the followers who are interested in your products and services. Thus, it is fruitful for businesses. Those who are new to this portal and want to improve sales and profits can follow the stated tips to using this application. Let us check them out.

  1. It is very important to have your own separate identity if you wish to promote business with Instagram. Create a business account that is very much different from your personal account.
  2. When you download the application and plan to use it for business, incorporate business links. Add up website links to your account to get more traffic and improve sales. So, users can just make a single click and land to your website. This way, they can visit your profile without any difficulty.
  • In order to hook your followers, try and incorporate some information blog. Potential followers will first of all visit your profile to check out your details. If the information posted is interesting and informative, they will follow you. This way, you can promote your products and services.
  • Instagram will be making your photo square. You have to crop it in professional manner. If it is done professionally, your photo will attract followers. For the products and services make sure you only use high quality crisp photos. This will drive sales, improve followers and promote your business.
  • Lay more emphasis on the solution you provide to the audience rather than emphasizing simply on products and services. This social media asset is not simply a visual content but is very powerful means of engaging with customers. Share your company’s mission and culture.
  • Try and use hash tags more in order to expand your reach. Whether the hashtag is general or campaign based, you should make use of only relevant hash tags. Across the platform of Instagram, set up your company’s hashtag. Thus, people can find content that is specifically related to your account.
  • Your profile for marketing on Instagram must be winning and attractive. Whether its product launching, product promotion, things must be done perfectly.
  • Being one of the strongest social Medias, Instagram can be used to collaborate with others and thus attracting more followers. With this tool, you can also highlight collaborators and share the success stories.
  • When you market through Instagram, take a step back in order analyze your success. You should read up best articles about best publishing times and practices.
  • Try and organize more and more contest to keep the interest level high. Ask them to make the maximum shout out and at the end reward them.